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Today, semiconductors have become an indispensable in the manufacturing of computers and other electronic devices that actively support our daily lives. Semiconductors play an important role in many different fields, for example air conditioning, improving automotive safety, laser surgery, medical care and many other applications. In addition, semiconductor technology advances have helped us to optimize the system, minimize the equipment and save energy, helping to protect the global environment, providing safety, comfort and open a prosperous future.The presence of leading enterprises in Vietnam such as Intel and Samsung has contributed to promoting the strong development of the semiconductor industry in recent years.

The process of manufacturing semiconductors and microchips uses a lot of special gases such as: Silane (SiH4), Diborane (B2H6), Phosphine (PH3), ... etc. These are the gases that play an important role and are used in almost all production stages from sand refining (SiO2) to pure silicon to the steps of creating porous sheets (Wafer) and Wafer treatment, assembly and packaging of finished products.

See the gases used in the semiconductor industry:


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