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Helium Gas

Helium is valued as a gas for lifting, breathing, leak detection, shielding, as well as for its inert properties.

Our experienced applications team in Vietnam, with extensive experience across a wide number of industries and applications, are on hand to assist you with all your helium gas supply needs.


We supply Helium gas in various purities and cylinder sizes to meet your needs: 

  Cylinder size  
GradePurity50L47L40L10LFilling pressureValve
5.5≥99.9995%✓ 150 bar, 200 barBS341 #3, CGA580
150 bar, 200 barBS341 #3, CGA580
150 bar, 200 barBS341 #3, CGA580
Balloon Gas≥99.8%150 bar, 200 barBS341 #3, CGA580


We also supply the following bundles: 

Bundle size Cylinder sizeFilling pressureValve
16x50L 200 barBS341 #3
16x47L150 barBS341 #3

 For larger bulk deliveries, please reach out to us directly. 


Liquid Helium

The extremely low temperature of liquid helium (-269ºC) means that its primary application is as a cryogenic agent to maintain the superconducting properties of magnets in applications such as MRIs, NMR spectroscopy, and particle physics research. 

At VI NA Industrial Gases, our experienced applications team and MRI technicians stand are at hand to assist you with all you liquid helium needs. 

We supply liquid helium in dewars of various sizes. 




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