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In industrial production, toxic and asphyxiant gases can emerge and cause poisoning due to a leakages or improper use. Many gas poisoning cases happened suddenly, causing worry and anxiety. The list of these gases is very long. The most common asphyxiants and toxic gases are N2, Ar, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, NH3, H2S, CH4, etc. Therefore, the detection and control to ensure the safety threshold of toxic gases, asphyxiant gases and flammable gases is a mandatory requirement for occupational safety in production activities at factories, offices and factories. 


In Vietnam, VI NA is the authorised distributor of Air Products, specializing in the distribution of calibration gas mixtures / Test gases produced by Air Products for calibration of gas probes. Air Products' gas mixtures are currently used by leading manufacturers of gas detectors, such as Drager, Honeywell, ISC, MSA, SMC, GFG, UNIPHOS, etc.



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