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Today, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is widely used in the food industry and is gradually replacing traditional food packaging. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a method of enclosing food products in an athmosphere that is modified in order to reduce spoilage and thereby maintaining the quality of the food product and hence prolonging its shelf life. 

The gases typically contained in MAP typically including a mixture of 3 types of CO2, N2 and O2, of which CO2 is the most prevalent gas. CO2 inhibits the growth of many bacteria and fungi. A high concentration of CO2 increases the shelf life of foods. However, fats and water absorb CO2 easily and can cause taste alterations, loss of moisture. Therefore the CO2 concentration in the MAP packaging should be carefully considered. On the other hand, to control the growth of bacteria, the CO2 concentration needs at least 20%, so it is necessary to calculate the appropriate rate when used. N2 is an inert gas, helping to reduce O2 and reduce oxidation. O2 is a gas that promotes product oxidation but is also necessary for the respiration of vegetables and prevents food discoloration.

In order to most effectively store food with atmospheric packaging, it is important to calculate the optimum gas concentration, respiration rate, membrane air diffusion, storage temperature, etc. for each product. The smooth combination of CO2, N2 and O2 according to preservation requirements has increased the shelf life of foods by 1.5 to 3 times compared with traditional packaging methods without using MAP.






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