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Environmental pollution has become one of the most important topics of our time. In particular, the issue of air pollution has been and is becoming more and more serious. This is a global problem.

The current global air pollution is the cause of many chronic illnesses, causing patients to be hospitalized due to the increasing pollution. Specifically, air pollution causes many diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, heart disease, cancer, ... or even dementia. Around 33 million children die each year in the world from air pollution, about a third of whom suffer from related illnesses like heart attack and stroke, according to the UN.

Air pollution in Vietnam

Particle pollution in Vietnam is the most common form of pollution, followed by CO2 pollution and some other gases such as SO2, NOx ... The two main causes of air pollution are exhaust gas from motor vehicles and industrial activities. According to some studies, at present, exhaust gas from motor vehicles accounts for 70% of the air pollutants in Vietnam. Such large emissions come from 43 million motorcycles and 2 million cars circulating on the streets of Vietnam every day, according to statistics from the Vietnam Register.

Recognizing the importance of environmental protection, governments around the world have issued and applied many environmental laws. Global environmental agreements have come into being, such as: MONTREAL 1987 Protocol, KYOTO Protocol 1997, PARIS Protocol 2016.

In Vietnam, to control the amount of particles and emissions entering the environment resulting from businesses and individuals conducting industrial and transportation activities, the 2014 Law on Environmental Protection clearly stipulates the Responsibilities of the subjects are as follows:

Firstly, organizations and individuals engaged in production, business and service activities with particle and exhaust emissions must be responsible for controlling and treating particle and exhaust gases up to environmental standards. Accordingly, these objects must apply appropriate technological equipment to ensure that the exhaust gas must have a maximum permissible concentration of pollutants not exceeding the defined limit.

Second, limit the use of fuels, raw materials, equipment and vehicles that release harmful gases into the environment. This regulation encourages organizations and individuals to use environmentally friendly fuels and vehicles, limit emissions and minimize air pollution.

Thirdly, means of transport, machinery, equipment, and construction works with particle and exhaust emissions must have filters to minimize emissions meeting environmental standards, shield equipment, or other measures to ensure compliance with environmental standards.

Fourth, not to release smoke, particles, gas with harmful substances or odors into the air; dispersing radiation, radioactivity, and ionizing substances in excess of the permissible environmental standards; Not to produce, import or use ozone-depleting compounds under international treaties to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a contracting party.

In Vietnam, VI NA is currently the leading supplier of specialty gases to the environmental industry. The company currently supplies most of the sectors / industries that generate emissions, including:

1 / Source of industrial pollution: from steel - glass factory, chemical factory, waste & waste incineration factory, cement factory, oil and gas processing factories, ... etc

2 / Pollution sources from traffic: exhaust gas from motorcycles, cars, ships, ... etc

VI NA Company is proud to be a special gas supplier for the environment mainly for units in the following fields:

1 / Iron and Steel Factory (High furnace / Electric furnace)

2 / Thermal power plant from coal

3 / Fertilizer and chemical production plant

4 / Cement factory

5 / Oil refinery - petrochemical

6 / Factory manufacturing glass and building materials

7 / Car and motorcycle production and assembly plant

8 / Emission testing centers, Car-motorcycle registration centers

...., etc.




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