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When it comes to diving, one often think of the air tanks that the roller wearers on their backs. However, depending on the depth to dive, the diving gas is mixed according to the appropriate ratio of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Helium or Hydrogen. The diving gases produced and supplied on the market include: Air, Nitrox (Nitrogen + Oxygen), Heliox (Helium + Oxygen) and Trimix (Oxygen + Nitrogen + Helium).

  • Compressed Air: 78.1% N2 + 20.8% O2 + 0.9% Ar + 0.2% other gas. This is a common diving gas for depths <40m
  • NITROX: O2 + N2 (eg 32% -40% O2 in N2). NITROX is suitable for diving at depths> 50m with longer dive times. 
  • HELIOX: Helium + O2 (eg 20.9% O2 rate in Helium). HELOX is used diving at depths> 50m (Like NITROX), but has the advantage over NITROX in that it prevents nitrogen narcosis. 
  • TRIMIX: O2 + N2 + Helium (eg 10% O2 + 70% He + 20% N2, .. etc). TRIMIX is used for diving to depths> 50 meters with a longer diving times than conventional diving. 

In Vietnam, VI NA is the authorised distributor of Air Products, supplying the market with diving gas mixtures NITROX, HELIOX and TRIMIX.



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